Steering Committee Meetings

Posted by: Kent

Steering Committee Meetings - 03/13/06 08:09 PM

Why are steering committee meetings no longer announced? There was no announcement of the last meeting either here or on
Posted by: yorick

Re: Steering Committee Meetings - 03/13/06 10:49 PM

The most recent Steering Committee meeting was publicized and held on January 22.

A closed Board meeting was scheduled for February 12. It was rescheduled due to the snowstorm and held March 11.

The next Steering Committee meeting has not been scheduled, but it will be posted when we set a date.

Posted by: phlan

Re: Steering Committee Meetings - 03/13/06 11:23 PM

There are actually no more Steering Committee meetings, since we are now a Board of Directors - just a technicality, I know.

Thanks for your interest.

edited to add:

I might be confused here. There may actually still be a Steering Committee, and we're going to clarify this, if this was in error I am sorry. We'll post more about this later.

We've been in the process of creating new bylaws / revamping the bylaws, so actually this is all open for discussion.


Chris M.
Posted by: Kent

Re: Steering Committee Meetings - 03/13/06 11:27 PM

Thank you Chris and Chris.

Edited to add, but why a closed board meeting?