Rainday alternatives: May 13th

Posted by: yorick

Rainday alternatives: May 13th - 05/12/06 11:33 AM

If folks happen to be here this weekend and are looking for stuff to do if the weather stays bad, there are a number of events tomorrow.

As Evan reminded us on the Home page and in a post above, the Speigler Family Benefit Raffle is tomorrow morning at Rock & Snow. They are also holding a Shoe Demo all day with Reps from the shoe companies beginning at 8:30 am (maybe give the shoes a spin at the Inner Wall if the weather doesn't clear).

At 8pm in the Mohonk Preserve's Visitor Center, the GCC is sponsoring a Hans Kraus slideshow and book signing with the Gunks pioneer's biographer Susan EB Schwartz. It will be preceded by an open GCC meeting at 7pm. Proceeds from the show are being donated to the Preserve's dedicated Rescue Fund.