adopt a crag 2006

Posted by: phlan

adopt a crag 2006 - 08/12/06 10:36 PM

“Hear ye, Hear ye”

October 21, 2006
Place: Minnewaska State Park Peters’ Kill Area
Time: Start 10 a.m., Finish work by 1 PM, followed by lunch, brief meeting and then free climbing* for all!
Bring: Dish to pass for potluck lunch, drinks, work gloves, work clothes, shovels and rakes if you can, climbing gear for fun after the work is done.
We will update everyone on all of our projects, and vote on our bylaws in the afternoon after the potluck lunch.
The event is over when the Park closes at dusk. there will also be a benefit slide show by Eric Horst at the Mohonk Preserve in the evening, exact time to be announced.
Sign up:
Or: sign up with us at our table at the Pancake Breakfast / Climbing Film Fest 2006 the prior weekend 14th and 15th of October! See you all there!

Free goodies will be on hand as usual!

Sponsored by:

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition
Rock and Snow
The Access Fund

A good time is guaranteed for all!
Posted by: phlan

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 09/20/06 08:45 PM

another announcement related to the adopt a crag: we will be voting on the new bylaws of the GCC after the potluck lunch. Then it's climbing for all until later when we have a meeting and update on projects and slide show at 7 pm.
Look forward to seeing all the volunteers there, thanks in advance.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 09/20/06 11:12 PM

Shouldn't the bylaws vote take place at the meeting, rather than at the work event? (Which do you expect will draw more GCC members? Can you collect votes (non-anonymous) at both?)

Are the proposed bylaws up on the GCC website for all to examine?
Posted by: Jannette

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/05/06 05:28 PM

Hi Mike, I agree. The vote will take place at the GCC meeting at 6pm at the visitor's center, before the Eric Horst slide show, and not at the adopt-a-crag event.

The by-laws are up on the website, but from what I can see on the list I have, you haven't renewed your membership since 2003. Only current paid members for this past year can vote.

Posted by: pedestrian

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/05/06 07:56 PM

(a) Damn, no representation without taxation! You tell em how it's done cliffmama!

(b) Looks like Mike you're busted again.
Posted by: strat

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/17/06 01:21 PM

What restrictions, if any, will this impose on climbers who are planning to just climb at Peter's Kill on Friday? Please advise so plans can be made accordingly.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/17/06 03:24 PM

While you're waiting for an official GCC reply, I would suggest that there will be no impact on climbing FRIDAY, since all the GCC stuff is Saturday.
Posted by: caver

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/17/06 05:14 PM

True dat Mike-
As for Saturday, I can attest from being at the last 3 years of clean-ups, there is little impact. Perhaps 20 people usually show up, do a service project, in one of several areas (we try to work around climbers), have lunch, pass out goodies, and climb most of the as for setting up ropes in the pm, well.....
Posted by: strat

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/17/06 05:25 PM

Thanks for realizing my typo, Marty, and answering it with a sensible response. Mike- why don't you go back to demonstrating what a bunsen burner does.
Posted by: gunksrat

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/17/06 07:58 PM

The Peters Kill will be open and accessable during this years Adopt-a-Crag. This years projects including beautification of the entrance to the climbing area (a follow-up to last years success) and collection of micro-trash followed by a weigh-in of the microjunk.
Posted by: Terrie

Re: adopt a crag 2006 - 10/18/06 02:13 AM

I am hoping to be there for the cleanup; trying to get a ride up for me and the doggie.