Good on ya GCC!

Posted by: chip

Good on ya GCC! - 04/15/13 01:49 PM

I loved reading the letter from the new Minnewaska Park supervisor in the e-mail this morning. I was not able to attend the weekend trail work for Dickie Barre but should have known that there would be plenty of folks out there. You guys have made the rest of us look good, which is not always easy. Thanks.
Posted by: SethG

Re: Good on ya GCC! - 04/15/13 04:44 PM

Here is the letter. Great news.
Posted by: phlan

Re: Good on ya GCC! - 04/15/13 05:37 PM

this was a project we (the gcc team and I) worked on for many years and it seemed like it would never happen. every time we would schedule a cleanup at p'kill, we would always get a fantastic turnout of motivated people and that was a key ingredient, so thanks to everyone who helped pitch in. it was a real community effort.

when I sent the letter to my wife she immediately said, "so let's climb there this weekend!" so... that's where we'll be.