Tree carnage

Posted by: Allenperry

Tree carnage - 09/12/03 06:28 PM

I was rapping off Northern Pillar Wednesday when near the bottom of the cliff I saw what I thought was a lame attempt at tree carving. Looked liked it was done with a chainsaw! Then I remembered hearing about rockfall there during a rap. There were football size chunks of broken rock at the base of the tree. Are the unfortunate witnesses to the rockfall O.K?
Posted by: Retn2Rock

Re: Tree carnage - 09/12/03 11:55 PM

There are 2 threads under General Climbing, "Yet another Injury" and "Accident 8/29", both from that date that discuss that one and another in the Nears, I think.
-Chris C
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: Tree carnage - 09/13/03 08:33 PM

Yes that tree damage is from the rockfall on 8/31. See the "Yet another injury" thread. All of us are doing ok.

That tree possibly saved my life. I was right next to it.