Harder routes at LC

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Harder routes at LC - 10/08/03 05:01 PM

Lately, my friends and I have been going out to Lost City a lot, and I have a few questions. First of all, can I get a summary of the route names and grades on the Survival Block? Also, any information about Dreamtime's location and the harder routes near it would be nice. Thanks!

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Re: Harder routes at LC - 10/08/03 05:03 PM

Before I get any sarcastic replies about Dreamtime, I meant Dream land.

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Re: Harder routes at LC - 10/08/03 05:14 PM

At the risk of once again stirring up an old hornet's nest, you might want to do a search of all forums, all posts on the phrase "lost city".

But for starters you should probably read these threads:



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Re: Harder routes at LC - 10/08/03 08:49 PM

There's climbing at Lost City???

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Re: Harder routes at LC - 10/08/03 09:26 PM


There's climbing at Lost City???

Nope. None. Not one bit.
It's a choss pile...a slag heap.
Not worth the horrible walk.
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Re: Harder routes at LC - 10/09/03 01:22 AM

It's probably quicker and simpler to simply state facts:

A long time ago locals decided to keep Lost City an undocumented area (i.e. no guide ... no magazine reports) ... and that Gunks.com regulars have decided to honor that tradition by no longer posting beta about specific climbs ... although giving out the same information in private messages and emails is acceptable.

In fact, the decision about reporting on Gunks routes went beyond Lost City. Locals back in the 80s proclaimed that there would be no new route reporting anywhere in the Preserve. So if any of you folks think you've put up a new route or variation ... better keep your mouth shut!