Gunks Conditions

Posted by: Anonymous

Gunks Conditions - 03/23/04 02:58 PM

Is anyone climbing at the Gunks yet this year? I live up in Vermont and it's still winter conditions up here, but I was thinking about taking a road trip down to the Gunks on 3/27/04 to do some rock climbing. How are things down there?


Posted by: browndog2

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/23/04 03:21 PM

The proper reply would be that conditions suck. Not worth the drive. Chunks of ice, flowing water, frigid rock. Ewww, icky. Or thats what you would have thought this past Sunday. It was as deserted as I have ever seen it. The (seriously now) rain, followed by sleet, some snow, then little blips of sun, lather rinse repeat, might have had something to do with the wide open spaces, but hey climbs got done. Long as you stick to something facey (where ya gonna find somethin like that at the Gunks?). This coming weekend will most likely have the usual bloom of locals and quasi-locals (such as myself) crawling all over the ultra-classics. (I'll be the one with the pink carnation and the brown dog.)
Posted by: empicard

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/23/04 03:27 PM

you were out there, tim? i thought we were the only ones!
it was like i had bought the gunks and had it to myself.
we got on betty, twinoaks/northern pillar, and hyjecks.
gorgeous but cold day.
Posted by: phlan

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/23/04 08:59 PM

Yeowp. Meself and anudder couple Krusty Klowns were out there as well. Emptiest I remember seeing it for a loooonnggg time. Great day. Just warm enuff to be comfy.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/24/04 03:11 AM

It was OK today in the sun. But get this - Boston is "back in" as an ice route. Seriously, though the top 6 feet are a bit scratchy-looking.
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/24/04 05:06 AM

On Sunday we did Disneyland, Yellow Ridge, and Te-Dum. Splendid day....I was warm, I was cold, I was warm, I was cold, I was warm again, then I was really cold. Such is life in between seasons.


P.S. By the way's the DEC, not the DEP!!
Posted by: nerdom

Re: Gunks Conditions - 03/24/04 03:54 PM

yeah, yeah, yeah.