Piton in Belay on Fat Stick

Posted by: smallclimber

Piton in Belay on Fat Stick - 05/31/10 09:55 PM

We climbed the first pitch of Fat Stick on Sunday in the Nears. There is a three piton belay rap station after P1 which probably gets used quite a bit as the first pitch is only 5.8 but gets harder after that. The left hand piton could be easily removed by hand. The piton itself is in good condition, we were not sure of the correct ettiquette (remove or leave?) and my partner attempted to force it in harder. A small hammer would probably do the trick. The other two pitons appeared good and the most recent cord added equalised these two pitons and did not use the third at all.
Sorry if we did the wrong this by not removing it, and just wanted to warn folks.
Posted by: rg@ofmc

Re: Piton in Belay on Fat Stick - 05/31/10 09:59 PM

Advice for the future: do not leave a piton you can remove by hand in place.