Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition?

Posted by: Doug

Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 10/22/12 02:16 PM

Anybody been on there recently that can comment on them?

Searching old posts here I seem them referred to as poor in 2004, and "ticking time bombs" in 2006. A post on mountain project last month says they both suck, with the first bent and not set in the hole well and the second being a joke.

I'm guessing the MP post is probably still the current status.

Is there reasonable gear to back them up and that is why they have been left to deteriorate?
Posted by: yar

Re: Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 10/22/12 03:18 PM

There are three bolts...the first two are side by side, with one being older than dirt and the second looking like a replacement but sticking halfway out the wall. These can be backed up with good gear. The third is higher up and is old as a dinosaur like the first one. I wouldn't bother clipping it. Being the condition they are in, one could assign a rating of pg-13 to this section
Posted by: Doug

Re: Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 10/23/12 12:55 PM

Thanks for the info. The MP post indicated it was R-rated with the condition of the bolts so it sounded like there was no reliable alternate gear in the bolted section.
Posted by: fotovult

Re: Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 10/23/12 01:50 PM

Doug if you go up post a condition report, I've been wondering the same thing after reading the MP posts.
Posted by: yar

Re: Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 10/23/12 02:44 PM

There is only reliable gear near the first bolts. At the second there is none, and that is where the crux is. I could see how some could call it R, but I would feel more pg-13. And after the crux, there is still some questing before one can get gear. Not bad, but have to keep your head on straight
Posted by: greyalien

Re: Carbs & Caffeine bolt condition? - 11/19/12 04:56 AM

Any chance these will get replaced? I'd like to go for the onsight next season and was reminded of the bad bolts.

I assume they are short quarter inchers and pretty manky, so maybe the holes could be re-used? I'd be more willing to undertake it myself if it didn't blow the onsight, and I also only have a hand drill...