Hugh Herr in the Gunks

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Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/07/13 03:07 AM

Who Says I Can't Hugh Herr (long version)

Great story with some Gunks climbing too and a bit of local guide Doug Ferguson.
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/07/13 03:55 AM

Always inspiring. Even more so for the host to be out climbing High E for his first climb....... and with only one leg, no prosthesis on the missing leg! Oh yeh!
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/08/13 03:04 PM

Thanks for that, I really enjoyed it. It really is something to watch a novice climbing on only one leg. Must be really hard on the arms, I am impressed he made it to the GT Ledge.

Even though I already knew the whole Hugh Herr story it was moving to watch.

There is an adaptive climbing group that comes regularly to Brooklyn Boulders. I always imagine that Herr has played a large role in making what they do possible. He must take great satisfaction from the obvious joy he gives to so many.

I do think that Herr should have yelled out "LEG!!!!!!!" when his prosthetic leg fell off.
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/08/13 07:03 PM

Video of Hugh at TEDMed 2010
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/09/13 02:55 PM

Hugh Herr is amazing! Wow, I am so moved and impressed.
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 02/27/13 04:42 PM

Really enjoyed that video. Hugh Herr has always been inspirational, and it's nice to see more of him.

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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 03/03/13 12:39 PM

Awesome video
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Re: Hugh Herr in the Gunks - 03/04/13 11:06 PM

His wife and kids are doing a thru-hike in Spain to raise money for a couple of charities too.

Both girls have done the NH48 4000 footers before age 6 and the oldest has done the Winter NH48 including a pretty inspirational ascent of Mt Washington with Hugh on his first trip back since his accident (can read the TR on the main blog under winter 48).