Wasp nest on Arch: 7/14

Posted by: Gail

Wasp nest on Arch: 7/14 - 07/15/13 02:45 AM

FYI...there is a wasp nest in the flake at the beginning of the climb. It's about 2/3 of the way up the flake (where you can get a nice red alien). I avoided getting stung by a very narrow margin (I was getting dive bombed). Regrettably, my follower got stung removing the alien.

Haven't done Arch in ages and ages; I forgot how much fun it is for a 5.4.
Posted by: JordanF

Re: Wasp nest on Arch: 7/14 - 08/03/13 12:53 AM

Still there, and angry. I shooed a few away that were landing on my rack, and then hurried up to the next ledge to set the first pro.
Posted by: Valpine

Re: Wasp nest on Arch: 7/14 - 08/12/13 01:38 AM

Also beware of the pile of poop and tp so graciously left by some pig at the base of nearby Ribs/Ribless.