MF P2 - Anchors?

Posted by: ShakesALot

MF P2 - Anchors? - 09/17/13 06:58 PM

I either haven't climbed this to the GT ledge or have no memory of doing so wink so....

Is there a fixed anchor at the GT ledge here making for a speedy lower/rap without walking along to other anchors? I'm assuming that even an 80m rope would be too short to do a single rap/lower, correct?

Posted by: SethG

Re: MF P2 - Anchors? - 09/17/13 07:02 PM

No fixed anchor directly above P2 but it is an easy scramble left to the Three Pines/Something Interesting rap route. I don't think a 70 will make it in one rap, you have to do two unless you have doubles.

There used to be a fixed station above the MF pitch two crux-- I believe this was a piton anchor, maybe there were some fixed cams? I don't know if it is still there but I'm sure some people rap from there with one rope and don't bother going to the GT ledge.
Posted by: ShakesALot

Re: MF P2 - Anchors? - 09/17/13 07:22 PM

Posted by: Lucander

Re: MF P2 - Anchors? - 09/23/13 01:41 AM

As of 2012, someone hacked the Birdie Party anchor (20ish feet left of MF) - ostensibly this was done with the intent of sparing a few more feet of rock from being mercilessly toproped. The judgement of such actions might be questionable, but you should know updated (out of date?) conditions.

Basically, pull the roof, catch your breatch, and enjoy a lot of good 5.6/7ish climbing to the GTL. Walk left to Three Pines rap.
Posted by: SethG

Re: MF P2 - Anchors? - 09/23/13 02:12 PM

Just to be crystal clear, I think Lucander and I are speaking of the same anchor. Above the crux of pitch two of MF you traverse left a bit and then go up, so when Lucander says "Birdie Party anchor" it makes sense that we're talking about the same tat set-up. I did not know it had been chopped. I'm not crying about it.