Climb Between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner

Posted by: joeantol

Climb Between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner - 09/24/13 12:39 AM

What is the name (if it has one) of the crack climb between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner?

These are 145 and 148 in the Grey Dick. There are no routes 146 and 147.

Just to the right of Grim-Ace Face is a left facing corner. Maybe 20 feet up is a hand crack that leads to a ledge with a block-like flake. Above that is a steep right facing corner that tops out at the overhanging pine tree rap station.

Is this Hi Coroner! ? The G/D says: "Start: At a crack on the left wall of the High Corner's original first pitch corner" and P1 continues with mention of an "easy but tight chimney".

The crack I climbed was not on the left wall of a right facing corner. It was on the face and it was closer to Grim-Ace Face than High Corner. There was no chimney, just a steep, right facing corner on the second half of the pitch.

This thing must have a name and it may be P1 of Hi Coroner!, but the description doesn't fit. Could it be 146 or 147?
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Re: Climb Between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner - 09/30/13 08:03 PM

I have done that un-named climb a few times. I think it goes at about a 5.4 I would guess. It isn't P1 of High Corner. That begins about 20 feet right of crack, around the corner.
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Re: Climb Between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner - 10/15/13 02:37 PM

According to the Swain guide:

Grim-Ace Face is 35 feet right of Shockleys

Hi Coroner! starts about 35 feet right of Grim-Ace Face. Start just left of High Corner below a short, yellow dihedral. Climb the steep, clean handcrack in the dihedral past a difficult exit move to the base of the chimney and the belay (40 feet).

High Corner is 80 feet right of Shockleys and just right of Hi Coroner! (No Belle Prize starts as for High Corner).
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Re: Climb Between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner - 10/16/13 10:25 PM

The "Black Dick" lists 146 as No Belle Prize and 147 as High Coroner, with descriptions similar to the above.