Overhanging layback flake gone

Posted by: Doug

Overhanging layback flake gone - 10/10/13 01:39 PM

Saw a post on Mountain Project (some photos too) where a climber says his partner pulled the flake off (beneath first overhang on P2). Well, he doesn't say his partner pulled it off, but:

While my partner was coming up, a large flake (~3ft long) broke off, just below roof. It seemed like a highly used hold, as it was covered in chalk.

I've never done the climb and the poster didn't indicate if the climb/grade is significantly altered. Another poster from a few years ago also indicated it was useful:

Beware of the white flaky rock beneath the first overhang on pitch 2. Most of it flexes and wobbles when you pull or step on it which can't be avoided as you step up to the overhang. Go lightly. A large block off to the left is completely detached and just sitting on the block beneath it.
Posted by: Lucander

Re: Overhanging layback flake gone - 10/10/13 04:37 PM

I'd imagine the exit move could be a bit more difficult now. It was a big reach to pull through the final overhang before that flake broke.