our health care system

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our health care system - 02/28/13 07:49 PM

This is an in-depth article about the state of the current health care system in the US.

Long read, but it's well worth it.
TIME magazine article
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Re: our health care system - 03/01/13 01:04 AM

This is a mighty interesting article. Reading the first three pages or so, I felt that that some cherry picking has been done for outrageous situations which may or may not be typical. But the following pages seem to indicate that the hospital industry has a lock on pricing of its services and its lobbyists will preclude any legislative meddling with their systems. Short of hoping for some change, I'd suggest a couple of things.
It's amazing how many Americans put themselves in harm's way healthwise. Smoking, excess alcohol consumption, bad diet, avoidance of exercise, etc. all load the dice in hospitals' favor. Nuff said about that.
Guessing that collecting on a bill less than $100 wouldn't be pursued to the bitter end, I have stiffed labs for bills up to $70. They'll send threatening letters, sell the account to a collection agency for cents on the dollar which will send out more threatening letters before they give up. Yes, this is nickel and dime stuff compared with what's in that article, but one may win there.