My God....

Posted by: Smike

My God.... - 07/30/06 08:54 PM summer over with yet? So bad I’ve even resorted to using chalk.
Posted by: Aya

Re: My God.... - 07/31/06 12:44 AM

Tell me about it. Today I bouldered and actually clipped my chalkbag on me because I couldn't finish problems before my hands went all greasy. Not that I was finishing them anyway.
Rollies. I gotta do rollies. I gotta get strong.
I've been informed that I'll be leading 5s by the end of the season. Anyone want to start placing bets now?
Posted by: strat

Re: My God.... - 07/31/06 05:38 PM

After a day like yesterday in the Adirondacks, I hope summer NEVER ends.
Posted by: Aya

Re: My God.... - 07/31/06 06:40 PM

Screw you. It's like 99 degrees with 99% humidity down here in the city. Screw you. Screw you.
Posted by: crackers

Re: My God.... - 08/02/06 08:15 PM

kayaking on the delaware was awesome!
Posted by: Aya

Re: My God.... - 08/02/06 08:18 PM

I nearly fainted walking across Central Park today. Seriously. I got dizzy and had to sit down. Didn't even come close to trying to boulder.
Posted by: Jeff Holt

Re: My God.... - 08/02/06 09:07 PM

I'm playing in a tennis tournement tonight @ 6:30 and again tomm. at 4:00, which I'm just SO looking forward to.
Posted by: Aya

Re: My God.... - 08/02/06 09:30 PM

I'm bartending here in the city in a place with no AC and just one fan. You'll find me in the freezer.
Posted by: KAYLA

Re: My God.... - 08/03/06 02:41 PM

I cook professionally the last few days have been a picnic
F@#$ the summer
Posted by: intrepid02

Re: My God.... - 08/07/06 10:32 AM

Its cooled off considerably here. Highs in the low 80s today and yesterday. That weather should have made its way there by Tuesday. Relief is in sight.
Posted by: nerdom

Re: My God.... - 08/07/06 12:44 PM

I climbed on Friday (it was hot in the Gunks), then spent the rest of the weekend roofing a house in the sun all day . . . I'm wiped. I can't wait for winter.
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: My God.... - 08/07/06 07:02 PM

Just will start coming in on Cannon in roughly 2 1/2 months.