Ice Screw Holders

Posted by: d-elvis

Ice Screw Holders - 12/20/06 03:01 PM

My screws get beat in my pack, so I'm getting pro for the pro... the choices are:

Anker's A.C.E. Ice Screw holder, holds 12 screws, and runs $39.95 CN or about $33 US


Black Diamond's Ice Screw up, holds 6 screws, and runs $14.95 US

Thoughts? Want to hold 12 screws, so would need to buy 2 BD's
Posted by: Chas

Re: Ice Screw Holders - 12/20/06 03:46 PM

I got myself 3 (ok I have a lot of screws) BD Ice Screw Up's. I figure its cheap compared to screws and it is actually fairly convienent. (used to use the heavy duty bag by Black Diamond (I think its called a Tool Box). The Ice Screw Up's take up much less space.
Posted by: empicard

Re: Ice Screw Holders - 12/21/06 07:45 PM

cut the leg off an old pair of jeans and be done with it you fancy bastard.
Posted by: Dillbag

Re: Ice Screw Holders - 01/02/07 03:44 PM


My screws get beat in my pack...

Shouldn't that read... "in my closet" ?