Lets Climb this!

Posted by: d-elvis

Lets Climb this! - 01/18/07 06:22 PM

Posted by: RAF

Re: Lets Climb this! - 01/18/07 06:24 PM

Don't tell me-- that's a road cut on I-287 just south of Bernardsville, NJ.
Posted by: MarcC

Re: Lets Climb this! - 01/18/07 07:02 PM

It's the ever-elusive Widow's Tears Falls in Merced Canyon, Yosemite.
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: Lets Climb this! - 01/22/07 01:52 AM

Start looks a little dicey, but the rest looks like jolly good fun!

Posted by: d-elvis

Re: Lets Climb this! - 04/02/07 07:17 PM


More cool pics of the climb