ASOLO AFS 8000's

Posted by: Geo-guy

ASOLO AFS 8000's - 07/28/09 09:59 PM

Anyone out there using the Asolo AFS 8000? Specifically I was wondering if they tend to run narrow. I have a 9.5W shoe and previously wore 8.5's in the Scarpa Inverno's. I thought I remember someone telling me the solo's run narrow...I was gonna look at a pair of 9's but I was hoping for some feedback b/f making the drive to go try them that lazy of me?
Posted by: tradjunkie

Re: ASOLO AFS 8000's - 07/29/09 02:07 PM

I have a predecessor of the AFS 8000 and wide feet and have been quite happy with the fit.
Feet come in lots of shapes and sizes, so measure your foot well (look up a Brannock device online to understand how to use it). I have long arches so maybe that's why the AFS boot fit me?
Ask a knowledgeable rep about the AFS 8000 outer boot sizing. Most plastic boots only come in whole sizes - the half sizes are just different liners. As long as the outer shell can contain your foot comfortably, the inner shell can be, er, modified. The outer shell is not something you can cut holes in. Note also that Asolo probably uses the European shoe sizing system so for best understanding you should think in European sizes.
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Re: ASOLO AFS 8000's - 07/29/09 03:09 PM

Thanks for the feedback on the solo's...I'd classify my feet as Flinstone-like (wide and flat) so i'm glad to hear that they fit wider feet...agreed about the Euro sizing...I was trying to keep the thread simple. Just like anything else, I'm gonna have to try 'em on...I didn't want to waste the trip