Waterfalls in the Catskill

Posted by: Adrian

Waterfalls in the Catskill - 11/06/09 04:52 PM

hi, all. I'm trying to do as many Catskill waterfall ice (<4) as I possibly can this winter. According to Marty's guidebook, I have Hillyer, Viola, Wildcat, Buttermilk, Platteskill, Kaaterskil, Black Chasm, Japanese, and Bridals Veil. Am I missing anything? Also, I know waterfall takes a long time to come, I'm just wondering the usually timeframe for the falls to come in, like which ones would come in first, and which ones are the last to form?

Any help is appreciated!
Posted by: Smike

Re: Waterfalls in the Catskill - 11/06/09 05:02 PM

That covers the 'legal' waterfall list. As far as conditions, as with any waterfall a long deep freeze, and then they can still be at times the most terrifying objects I've ever tried to move vertically up on.
Posted by: AOC

Re: Waterfalls in the Catskill - 11/06/09 05:19 PM

Kaaterskill Falls is always the last to form. The upper tier doesn't come in at all some years. Heed the warnings in the guidebook about this one. It is a very dangerous climb.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Waterfalls in the Catskill - 11/06/09 08:15 PM

The flows on Buttermilk are wide, so climbable ice forms on the sides quite early. Usually the first traffic of the season is dictated by when the Kaaterskill Creek is safe/easy to cross. The lower pitches of Wildcat are narrow (as is the exit of the stellar top pitch), so give that one extra time. Viola and Hillyer are somewhere in the middle. Know that Hillyer hangs around longest at the end of the season, and is the only one on that side of the clove that doesn't require crossing the Kaaterskill. (Well I guess you can travers easily enough over to Viola and W'cat) If folks are reporting fat conditions on Buttermilk, then the Platte Creek falls are likely in. The lower ones tend to be thinner than Platte and B'veil.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Waterfalls in the Catskill - 11/09/09 01:22 AM

Thanks! I can't wait for the ice season to start!