So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA)

Posted by: TimTheClimber

So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA) - 12/23/09 01:26 AM

Hey All. Haven't posted here for a few years, but what a few years it has been.

Anyway, I want to start climbing ice here in the east. I have climbed (toproped) a bit of glacier ice but its all hero climbing- every swing is a 10.

I have tools/gear/etc but I don't feel like I am ready to lead ice yet- it seems a far cry from the rock I am so comfortable leading on.

I live in New Paltz but go to school in Harrisburg, PA.

From what I understand Stoney Clove is the place to go setup a toprope and swing some tools. Any suggestions for central PA?

Well any advice y'all got is gonna be appreciated. Its good to be back.
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Re: So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA) - 12/23/09 01:57 AM
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Re: So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA) - 12/23/09 07:08 PM

There are great guide books to the Catskills and PA in Rock and Snow. Please don't lead ice yet. It can be a fickle medium and takes some experience to adapt to varying degrees of anxiety, fear and pure terror. A guide might be a great investment.
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Re: So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA) - 12/24/09 12:41 PM


No need for a guide. You know about climbing from your past rock climbing experience. You just need to develop an understanding of the medium. And that comes with experience. There's very little that a guide will teach you about that.

Since you have all the junk you need to top rope, your best bet is to go set up top ropes in "The Playground" part of Stony Clove or Asbestos Park/Asbestos Alley and climb away.

Does your dad still climb? Do you guys still have that place outside of Placid? If so, there's a ton to do up there too (obviously).

I'm in town until the 30th and if you need a partner to go look at these catskills locations, let me know.
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Re: So I want to ice climb. (NY/PA) - 12/25/09 12:50 AM

strat- good to hear from you again. I would take you up on your offer to climb but I leave for India the day after Christmas! Dad still climbs with me occasionally, but alas in a bittersweet yet savvy real estate maneuver we sold the house up near Placid, though I fully intend on going back there and playing.

The Playground seems the way to go to get my feet underneath me with this whole waterfall ice thang. I've been living in Alaska for the past few summers climbing glacier ice occasionally so like you said- combined with the rock experience- I know the concepts and have an awareness of good vs. bad ideas.

Thanks strat and everyone for the advice and have a merry christmas