Posted by: phlan

waxing - 12/14/03 08:18 PM

Finally, a XC ski forum!!!
I posted this over in the Trail Running before:
there's an easy way to do this and a harder but better way! Go to a ski shop and get some liquid glide compound or glide paste that you can sponge or dab on to the base then smooth with a cork. That should help a lot!
XC if full of little tricks like this. And remember there is no such thing as a "waxless" ski. Even "waxless" skis need glide wax applied to the base to help them go.
Better yet - and highly recommended- apply hot wax to the base or have a shop do it. You really should do this no matter what.
I am addicted to speed so I hot wax my classical or skate skis before every time I go out. If you do this you need an iron, and you have to scrape the skis, and learn how to do all this. If you don't hot wax at all the bases will dry out and eventually be worthless...
Many people get kind of turned off to XC after an experience like yours. If you invest the time and effort into taking care of your skis you will reap really great rewards!
If you want to learn how to do this have a shop teach you, many offer waxing clinics.

In addition, glide waxes come in colors just like kick waxes. For kick waxes, you have your blue, green, red, purple etc.
For glide wax, yellow is pretty good for most conditions we have around here and is kind of a universal soft base wax. At the end of last season, I bought a huge block from the ski shop. For really cold conditions like in the teens and colder, you want something different like a blue. Makes a BIG difference...