Mohonk Conditions (Mon, Dec 15th)

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Mohonk Conditions (Mon, Dec 15th) - 12/15/03 03:55 PM

Arrived at the Overlook at 8:45a to find NO ONE in the parking lot.

I walked up to the bridge, put on my skis, and broke trail for about 45 minutes on Overcliff. The snow was thick, having been pack down a bit by the frozen precipitation. Arriving at the far end of the Underciff/Overcliff intersection, I was tired of breaking trail, and decided to turn around. Skiing back was great. Good glide, and the snow is just deep and thick enough so that you're not hitting the ground.

I'll probably try to go back and ski tonight. Hopefully someone will have broken the Undercliff side by then.

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Re: Mohonk Conditions (Mon, Dec 15th) - 12/15/03 04:54 PM

This is what the site has needed for years! Keep the reports coming!
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Re: Mohonk Conditions (Mon, Dec 15th) - 12/15/03 06:17 PM

excellent! shoulda played hooky from work today.
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Tuesday 12/16 update - 12/16/03 04:12 PM

So nice the first day, had to go back. The Overcliff trail was groomed and fast this morning. Felt like I was flying down the trail. I was feeling so good, I decided to go for the full loop, returning on Undercliff. Error. The XC track ended about half way back to Trapps Bridge, and the rest of the way was a spastic exhibition compared with my smooth, almost effortless rhythm on the backside. Still, you're in the sun on the Undercliff side, so it was nice and warm. So much so that my thoughts drifted to climbing. Really. The cliff was totally sun soaked, and the walls seemed quite dry. I thought perhaps of snowshoeing out over the weekend to warm up, and trying a couple of pitches.

Anyway, the snow on the Undercliff side is also in the snow, and has already started to evaporate, melt and refreeze. I suggest keeping to the backside for a happy outing.

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Re: Tuesday 12/16 update - 12/18/03 09:54 PM

according to my sources Mohonk has groomed and it turned out nicely: should be very nice over by the Bonticou/golf course area. They will chop up the ice most probably and usually do a very fine job of this- they have the right equipment. Will keep you posted.
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Saturday 12/20 update - 12/20/03 06:57 PM

ski conditions for skating today at Minnewaska were pretty decent. The high school teams were out training. Skating only, I would not recommend classical here now. Quite a bit of powder over harder stuff and some icy spots here and there. Quite nice. No one around except a few die hards. Castle Point was spectacular as always.