Skiing this weekend?

Posted by: alicex4

Skiing this weekend? - 01/28/04 06:17 PM

How is the snow for the weekend? Anyone been out?
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Skiing this weekend? - 01/28/04 06:18 PM

It's very fluffy and light, so don't expect it to provide too much protection for roacks and other off-carriage road obstacles.
Posted by: John Peterson

Re: Skiing this weekend? - 01/28/04 06:35 PM

Were they able to groom at Minnewaska or the Preserve?

Posted by: phlan

Re: Skiing this weekend? - 01/28/04 09:18 PM

Condition report Jan. 28 2004

Minnewaska has been groomed (rolled) but not fully tracked. I was ski patrolling there today and it was excellent if you didn't mind just skiing classical on the rolled stuff. The snow is very soft- too soft really for skating today. Going up and over Castle Point was great. There are some spots where you have to watch out for bare spots or rocks, like Kempton Ledges. Over all it is no problem and it should firm up a bit too.

There were a bunch of other people out too, a lot for a week day! Everyone is starved for snow.
Mohonk was not grooming today, but they probably will do some stuff by the weekend..

Heading to the El Rancho Phlan Sauna right now to soak them bones. Come on up, the skiing is in.
Posted by: phlan

Update Feb. 10 - 02/11/04 12:04 AM

Got out skiing at Minnewaska this afternoon. It's quite good spring conditions with a lot of base that should last for a while. Minne did groom but it's a bit rough. It can be icy, fast but in the sun it can be mushy- quite changeable. It can also be a bit treacherous. Good form is required, skating is the locomotion of choice.
Skied Mohonk Sun. and it was excellent -they are doing a much better job at grooming and the terrain over there should be much nicer this weekend.
Again, conditions there lend themselves to skating better but I believe they will be tracking as well. Break out the klister...

Wear your sunglasses, it's light until after 5:30, spring skiing rules. see you on the trails boys and girls...
Posted by: phlan

Update Feb. 17 - 02/17/04 08:39 PM

Conditions over the last weekend were great. Raging red klister days. There should be more of this great spring skiing into next weekend.
Posted by: phlan

End of season??? - 02/25/04 04:30 PM

Well, I skied last Saturday at Minne, Castle Point rocked for skating... even though they were allowing walkers... !!!
on Sun. I tried to go out, but Mohonk turned me away...
My skiing buddy Annie just called me and she's going to Mohonk right now to ski. I guess they just groomed... AAARRRRGGHHHH!!! and here I am stuck in the office, this royally sucks!!!!!!
Posted by: irisharehere

Re: End of season??? - 02/25/04 07:14 PM

if you PM me your phone number, I can create a "family emergency" for you

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Re: End of season??? - 11/21/07 11:31 PM

How relevant is this thread now?
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Re: End of season??? - 11/21/07 11:47 PM

 Originally Posted By: oenophore
How relevant is this thread now?

It wasn't until you resurrected it. Now it's gonna bother you, isn't it?