Undercliff Conditions (Wed, Jan 28th)

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Undercliff Conditions (Wed, Jan 28th) - 01/28/04 10:11 PM

We got about 10" last night, so I got up late this morning and headed over to the West Trapps lot where I found a lone car in the parking lot.

Getting to the top of the steel bridge, I found that a lone set of tracks set out headed down Undercliff Carriageway. My alternative was to break trail on Overcliff. Though the snow was fluffy and light, I decided to follow the broken trail. The sun was out, and I quickly found myself stripped down to 2 layers. As you might expect, it was beautiful, and peaceful.

Arriving at the far end of the Trapps (Rhododendron Bridge), I had a choice to make. Continue around in a circle on Overcliff, or return from whence I came. Since I had Abu, my dog, in tow, I decided to head back the way I had come, so that the track would not be messed up on the Overcliff side.

But on the way back, the sun had gotten higher and higher, and I soon found the snow in the track I had made was sticking to my skis like crazy. I remedied this development by jumping back into the fresh, light power. I was breaking trail, but at least I was getting some glide.

This snow was just what the doctor ordered. Should be some great, fast skiing for the next few weeks.

Uberfall and Mental Block, 11am, Wednesday