another gear question, xc skis

Posted by: cfa

another gear question, xc skis - 01/03/07 08:44 PM

So, I've upgraded my AT setup to a wider, heavier pair (K2 Shuksan from Atomic Femme Fatale) so now I'm looking into getting a pair of (possibly waxless) skis to take out when the Shuksans aren't really required. I don't want to go all the way down to skinny track-only skis, but want something that will take me up and down most trails in Colorado (rolling terrain, sometimes icy or narrow), and can do a few turns if need be. (If lots of turns are expected, I would just take the Shuksans.) I'm thinking full metal edges and some amount of sidecut would be needed. I was looking at the Karhu XCD GT, for example. Does anyone have any preferences/suggestions? Thoughts on bindings? (At present I only own one pair of skis, and I don't tele, although 3-pin bindings aren't totally out of the question.)

Posted by: pedestrian

Re: another gear question, xc skis - 01/03/07 10:00 PM

Your thinking seems to be like mine: go as fat as you can while still being under, say, 73mm at the waist and keeping double camber or camber-and-a-half.

I don't know about bindings. That type of ski is usually not sold with Tele bindings/boots, more of a custom light backcountry rig instead. Light tele bindings with a no return spring setting aren't out of the question though.