AT boots

Posted by: Fraser

AT boots - 11/15/07 10:38 PM

Okay it's about 50 degrees out and rainy so it is cold out. Here is my question.

I bought Mt Baker skis and Fritschi bindings at the end of last season but was too cheap to buy boots.

How about the Garmont Adrenalin's for $659?

I'm looking for extreme light weight but sturdy and warm boots.

Posted by: pedestrian

Re: AT boots - 11/16/07 05:27 PM

Adrenalin's are NOT in the "extreme lightweight" category, and they don't look like they'll hike very well, sole doesn't look like it has much rocker.

Look at the Scarpa Spirit 3/4, or a Garmont Mega Ride. I don't have figures in front of me, but the Spirit 4 should be somewhat heavier, but significantly stiffer than the Mega Ride. From what I hear, the Spirit 4 is stiffer than the old Denali TT, which was always considered the downhill-optimised boot in the lineup.

The Matrix is just adequate for me, for downhilling but I am somewhat of a lightweight, so you might want to go stiffer than that, but I'm skeptical of this whole new category of crossover, replaceable-sole AT/alpine boots. They look too stiff/heavy.

Flex comparison:
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: AT boots - 11/16/07 05:33 PM

if you want stiff AND super light, the dynafit carbon fiber boots are the closest thing...
Posted by: Fraser

Re: AT boots - 11/16/07 07:41 PM

Well, Outdoor Sports only has the Adrenalins. Where do you think is the nearest place that stocks the Mega Rides?
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: AT boots - 11/16/07 07:57 PM

The Mountaineer (Keene Valley) has Mega Rides, as does Mountain Travelers in Rutland, VT. Also places in North Conway should have it. Basically it is something you could pick up next time you go skiing up north, or just order on the web. I don't know if EMS in Stamford has this stuff anymore but they used to.

If you want something a notch stiffer than the Mega Ride, definitely consider the Spirit 4. Nice stiff boot, and with a pretty good stiffness-to-weight ratio. If you just want lightweight, and don't want to mail order Dynafits, then the choice is probably between the Spirit 3 and the Mega Ride; go with whatever fits better, Garmont is known for fitting narrow or low volume feet.

I myself am kind of salivating over the Terminator X but it won't work with my bindings.
Posted by: CrackBoy

Re: AT boots - 11/21/07 06:42 PM

I have the megarides, and i like em alot. very lightweight but still can handle some fatter skis, For the most part though you can make anyboot stiffer by changing the liner or tounge on the boot with that from an alpine boot.

to add. most of the differences in brands, ie, garmont fits a narrow foot is fixed by having thermomoulded liners
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: AT boots - 12/25/07 10:19 PM

Why can't you use your ice boots for AT bindings?

Posted by: talus

Re: AT boots - 12/26/07 06:59 PM

you can use ice boots on naxo bindings i do all the time. but you have little control on the down.
Posted by: andrew

Re: AT boots - 12/27/07 02:45 PM

generally the toe and heel welts are too small, soft, and flexible on ice climbing boots. they are fine with some bindings - i ski with my ice boots in an old pair of silvrettas, but i think anything else you have to be lucky to get a workable fit.

for sure my ice boots do not work with any fritschi binding i've ever tried(freerides, explores, titanal IIIs).