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tracks? - 12/14/07 12:37 PM

I'll be up today and was wondering if the over-under loop has been tracked yet.My initial plan was to just hit up Williams Lake, but I miss the old cliffs. Unfortunately, I am under some time constraints and can't check out both. Likewise, is the Spring Farm area tracked? Thanks in advance.
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Re: tracks? - 12/14/07 03:08 PM

Yikes! Williams Lake has closed! What a shame. Guess I'll be schooshing around the preserve somewhere instead.
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Re: tracks? - 12/14/07 09:48 PM

only overcliff is groomed and tracked by Mohonk they leave the undercliff to be ruined by the clueless walkers. (a shame.) the walkers also go on overcliff and ignore the signs all the time which really pisses me off (can't they read???) Mohonk has been doing a great job grooming these last few years tho.
good news is the gunks skiers coalition has been successful in that Minnewaska has bought a new snowmobile and new grooming rollers/sleds for this season. should improve the situation there greatly, assuming the park employees are motivated to do a good job.
temp overnight looks to be cold and tomorrow cold which will be good to firm things up. skiing today was probably not good, too warm.
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Gunks Skiiers Coalition? - 12/17/07 10:16 PM

Is there really a coalition? That's great!

Minnewaska has really had a hard time the last few years with their 1000-year old equipment. It's really the best place to ski in my opinion. They seem to groom a lot more trail than the preserve does, and for some reason, they seem better able to keep people off the tracks.

You're right about the under/overcliff route, always bad skiing on the Undercliff (New Paltz-facing) side. Doesn't bother me too much though. I think it's a great ski to take overcliff all the way over to Oakwood Terrace and eventually ski all the way over to Duck Pond. It's a wonderful ski if you've got a car to park on each end.

Maybe we'll get to do a full moon ski this month!!
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Re: Gunks Skiiers Coalition? - 12/18/07 02:35 PM

I'm curious as to what type/brand of gear folks are using. I have been stuck in a 22-year time warp with my nordic gear -- Fischer skinny skis (210cm) with old school three-pin bindings. Once the boots (the ones with the three holes in the front toe section) fail I'll be out of luck. What are you modern kids using?

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Re: Gunks Skiiers Coalition? - 12/19/07 04:21 AM

Nothin' wrong with your gear. 3 pin boots are still around but tend to be used more for heavier and warmer backcountry boots. Maybe not so bad a deal for us old timers.
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Re: Gunks Skiiers Coalition? - 01/31/08 01:55 PM

as far as a "coalition" goes it's informal to say the least. but now the skiers are banding together more via a discussion group. I really think any serious skiers out there should sign up for this group. Here's the link.
The more that sign up the better. This will help get us critical mass in working with Minnewaska as far as skiers getting more of a voice with the park. It will also give you the very latest conditions.
On other news: next year I heard Mohonk is getting a snow cat!!! Unbelievable! That will be really nice. Minne also got some better equipment recently. Cheers