letter to Ms Ash NYS park commish - grooming.

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letter to Ms Ash NYS park commish - grooming. - 11/19/08 07:37 PM

To Ms. Carol Ash:
Minnewaska State Park is in my opinion the jewel in the crown of all the State Parks in New York, especially in winter when cross country skiing season arrives with the snow and the trails are groomed for skiing. Many people look forward to this time.
It has come to my attention that due to budget cutbacks the park is considering not grooming the trails this coming winter.
The Park is located within a short drive from millions of recreationists and attracts visitors that support a local economy with tourist dollars. In winter, without the attraction of skiing, many visitors will not come and the tourist economy of our town will suffer. winter is a crucial time for our local businesses when not as many visitors are coming as in other seasons.
It should be considered that skiing in the Park is essentially self-supporting as the user fees from skiing are in my estimation enough to sustain the resources necessary to keep the trails groomed an open to skiing. If necessary, some of the trails groomed previously could be left ungroomed; of primary importance to most skiers is that the Castle Point / Awosting loop be well groomed and open.
If there are monies available from the program Revitalization of New York’s State Parks then it should be considered to use them in order to keep this valuable winter resource available to the public.


Chris Moratz
Gardiner, NY 12525

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Re: letter to Ms Ash NYS park commish - grooming. - 11/21/08 04:22 PM

The survey keeps sending me an error message. I tried three times...
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Re: letter to Ms Ash NYS park commish - grooming. - 12/24/08 04:11 PM

carol ash sent me a letter in reply which in itself was good.
however, it starts off right way about the budget cuts so I'm kind of afraid to look at the rest just yet.
when I do then you'll probably see me post it here.
happy skiing and happy holidays everyone.