Just enough

Posted by: cfrac

Just enough - 01/12/10 08:57 PM

There's just enough snow to ski from Aumick Rd to Minnewaska though there are thin spots on the way back down.
Here's some video from the weekend...
Aumick Road Skiing
Posted by: chip

Re: Just enough - 01/12/10 10:32 PM

Barney is a lucky beast! Bet there was some good sleepin' after dinner for him.
Posted by: franky

Re: Just enough - 01/15/10 02:09 PM

can you please tell me where aumick rd. is? i've been to minawaska many times, but i haven't heard of this trail?
Posted by: cfrac

Re: Just enough - 01/16/10 02:36 AM

Search Google Maps Aumick Road, for Gardiner. There is a parking lot off Aumick Road, the dirt road leads uphill gradually for 3-4 miles to Awosting Lake. It's great when the coverage is there but it gets a lot of Sun. It's also fun for Mtn Biking.
Posted by: cfrac

Re: Just enough - 01/16/10 02:37 AM

After a good snowfall with a base there is some good tree skiing between the switchbacks on the road.