Post-Blizzard Conditions

Posted by: Lucander

Post-Blizzard Conditions - 02/28/10 04:40 AM

Mohonk Mountain House reports 43 inches of fresh snow...

Under/Overcliff: Trail broken by numerous snowshoers and skiers.

Old Minnewaska: Getting to be a fast downhill on a narrow track of broken terrain

Laurel Ledge: Trail broken by a couple of skiers (thanks for the work) but still deep

Oakwood: Broken out well from Rhodo Bridge all the way to Duck Pond

Kleine Kill: Broken from big snowshoe parties an an occasional skier from Duck Pond all the way to Lake Shore

Home Farm Circle: fully groomed by Mountain House

Humpty Dumpty: ditto, and a lot of fun with deep snow

Skytop: not as fast as one would think but still groomed.

D. Lucander
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Post-Blizzard Conditions - 02/28/10 02:06 PM

As of Sat 2/27:

Minnewaska is CLOSED. Fallen trees or some other budget-saving alibi.

Mohonk Mt House was on a "House guests only" restriction".
Posted by: Gort

Re: Post-Blizzard Conditions - 02/28/10 10:44 PM

So where would the best place be to x-c ski tomorrow?
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Post-Blizzard Conditions - 03/01/10 12:24 AM

How about Spring Farm up and around Guyot's Hill and Bonticou? Any idea what those loops are like?

With all the blowdown around the Uberfall, I would not be surprised if more exposed areas of Minnewaska also has even more. The big belay tree with all the tat at it's base just to the left of Junior was torn out by the roots when the tree half way up Laurel snapped off and dropped onto the carriage way. Two large trees have all but blocked the carriage way beneath Baby as well as a handful of other smaller ones further along. RC
Posted by: charliebutters

Re: Post-Blizzard Conditions - 03/01/10 02:14 PM

spring farm was open yesterday although no trail grooming has occurred....whether snowshoe or ski the going was slow as conditions were deep and wet. mohonk rd was closed around high falls as was clove rd around rock hill.
Posted by: chip

Re: Post-Blizzard Conditions - 03/01/10 04:30 PM

My mother, between Kingston and Saugerties, swears they got wind, rain and wet snow but nothing accumulated because they hovered around 36F through the storm. How crazy is that?!