Best Early Season X-Country

Posted by: tallgirlnyc

Best Early Season X-Country - 11/01/10 07:07 PM

I'm interested in where x-country skiers who are anxious to get out, go to early in the season. Suggestions?
Posted by: chip

Re: Best Early Season X-Country - 11/02/10 06:28 PM

Anywhere on the Tug Hill Plateau. Expect skiable snow there anytime from Thanksgiving to almost Easter. Around Sandy Hook and that area might be best. Look for snowmobile trails and just go skate 'em. Several of the counties up there used to maintain trails but I don't know if they still do. Probably the best trail care is at Mnt. Van Hovenburg (ORDA) outside of Placid, and they will get the most out of any snow available on some great trails.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Best Early Season X-Country - 11/03/10 12:21 PM

Closer, but never as early as the Tug Hill is Lapland Lake in Benson, NY. Just northwest of Albany. But, chip is way correct. The Tughill will get far more snow than anywhere else in the immediate region and better than most other areas if Lake Ontario doesn't freeze over.

Lapland Lake at

The Osceola Tug Hill X-C Center north of Camden, NY at
Posted by: phlan

Re: Best Early Season X-Country - 11/03/10 12:41 PM

I've been up to Tug Hill in the past with easily 4 foot of snow on the ground at Thanksgiving. There are three areas right near each other (Salmon Hill, Osceola, and a smaller area forgot the name. it is a mom and pop type place with a great equipment store) all areas have excellent grooming and all the top teams train there early season. there is also really cheap moteling up the road. there is showers in the forecast but no snow yet.

Keep an eye on Prospect too (which you know.)

If we weren't going to Costa Rica at Thanksgiving, we'd be there!
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Best Early Season X-Country - 11/03/10 05:28 PM

Sadly, Salmon Hills closed prior to last year's season.

Not to mention that Tug Hill is close to the awesome ice climbing along Salmon River. But that's anything but an early season ice venue.
Posted by: kevin boyle

Re: Best Early Season X-Country - 11/04/10 09:41 AM

The whiteface toll road was in good shape a couple of weeks ago but I think has since melted. That's a typical early season outing if you're up this way. Looking forward to the opening of Van Hovenburg.