saratoga biathlon club

Posted by: phlan

saratoga biathlon club - 12/13/10 01:50 PM

I tried biathlon clinic at van Hoevenberg a couple years ago and want to do more. went to the web site of saratoga biathlon but have questions. like, do they rent guns to use there for a day? I guess they must have a safety course? how much to join? do they give clinics? does anyone here have a membership or have been involved there?
Posted by: chip

Re: saratoga biathlon club - 12/14/10 02:34 AM

Last I knew, the Saratoga club was run by the Schreiners and races/training was on their property. If Curt and Jim Jr. are still around that means you are rubbing elbows with some of the better biathlon talent the US has seen. Safety training was available only over the summer for a long time and hopefully that has changed. The national guard will often supply rifles for the safety and intro events, so it may depend on when the guard guys/gals are around. I'm pretty sure Curt was on the Guard team as well as US, so they prolly have good access to rifles. Right now, the elites will be hitting the race circuits in Europe and Yellowstone.
I would try to call Jim Schreiner, who lives on Starr Road off the Sacandaga Lake, if no one is available from the web site. If needed, I could try some old contacts for you.
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Re: saratoga biathlon club - 12/16/10 12:44 AM

Yes, the Saratoga Biathlon club is still active. Here's a link to their website. Of course right now they could use a little snow...
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Re: saratoga biathlon club - 12/16/10 03:38 PM

Thanks for the link, Jeff. Awesome to see Curt very much involved. 2 time olympian and one of the nicest, humble guys you will ever meet.
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Re: saratoga biathlon club - 01/28/11 03:46 PM

I e-mailed Curt and he got right back and now I'm planning to do my 1st race on the 12th Feb. it's such a great sport that I've been watching and wanting to do for so many years, combining skiing and shooting, things I both enjoy, thanks to you guys it looks like another dream is about to come true for me. oh, and it was nice to ski with you the other weekend, Chip, do come again soon for skiing / climbing.
Posted by: chip

Re: saratoga biathlon club - 01/31/11 04:54 PM

Good luck with your first race! My best advice is to hold back a bit in the beginning of the race, both to help your shooting and also so that you have some energy for the inevitable penalty loops on the worst snow of the course.
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Re: saratoga biathlon club - 04/01/11 08:57 PM

Chip, so I did get up there as a family weekend for that race. Curt is super cool, very friendly and helpful. us novices got range safety and shooting for an hour before the race. we got to try out the Izhmash, as well as the Anschutz rifles and he had others there from which to pick. they were sighted in and we could shoot all we wanted. Over all a very positive and supportive vibe. The course is groomed super nice. and challenging. I was impressed. My lady and our 9 year old had to hang out in the timing booth - there is really no lodge to speak of- but they were ok with that. for our 9 year old there was a Bill Koch youth league race after our race which she liked she got a blue ribbon! (only her 2nd time on skis.) Sunday we skied at the old Saratoga spa hotel which has surprisingly good groomed trails, skating and classical. now that winters over (I guess) can't wait for next one.
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Re: saratoga biathlon club - 04/02/11 12:52 PM

Great to hear! Yeah, no lodge 'cause it is just where they live. Good on ya!