WTB: Waxless skis

Posted by: Welle

WTB: Waxless skis - 12/13/10 10:01 PM

Anyone has a cheap beater pair of waxless planks, wide enough to mount Silvrettas on? I'm 5'5 - so am looking for something short and fat.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: WTB: Waxless skis - 12/13/10 11:02 PM

You just missed it. Sold just what you wanted to MR. Puruse telemarktips.com at


This is their teleturnaround forum specific to selling xc backcountry and tele gear. You may find exactly what you are looking for. Good luck. RC
Posted by: Welle

Re: WTB: Waxless skis - 12/14/10 08:07 PM

bummer! thanks for the link though.