oh lucky day

Posted by: phlan

oh lucky day - 01/13/11 01:32 AM

Had a really wide grin on my face this afternoon. A beautiful new snowfall of nice consistency and about a foot now provided a nice base for Minnewaska to groom and track. after finishing up and turning in my radio they said they would go over it again tomorrow and the snow will firm up. Mohonk will be great for the weekend. Enjoy!
Posted by: chip

Re: oh lucky day - 01/13/11 03:22 PM

At the gunks I've only skied at Spring Farm, usually shooting past to go further north. This weekend does look good though, and here I come. The overcliff trail looks like it would be awesome skating. Where do you prefer to kick and glide on the ridge?
Posted by: phlan

kick&gliding - 01/13/11 08:03 PM

in respect to kick and glide, if Minnewaska gets overwhelmed with a large dump it won't be so good and they might not even track. this is the perfect amount of snow so they're setting nice tracks so this is where I prefer, since it's a bit wilder and more scenic. However, Mohonk is always consistent about grooming and no matter what they make the most of what snow there is and they will track. (they take a little longer to do it though since the trail system is bigger.) the overcliff trail is awesome for both skating and classical and is where I often start out. maybe we can hook up and ski this weekend? send a PM.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: kick&gliding - 01/14/11 02:12 AM

Mohonk Mountain House trails were in great shape before Wednesday's dump w/ double tracks for classic and a center skating lane. I can only imagine it is in even better condition now. However, with the three day MLK weekend, great snow, moderating temps, etc., parking could be at a premium at any of the trail heads. Enjoy it while we can.