Tele bindings

Posted by: Chas

Tele bindings - 12/15/03 01:31 PM

suggestions for releasable tele bindings

anyone has any suggestions for a good releasable tele binding. I am using the Voile Hardwire releasable but my wife skiis to hard for hers and is having problems releasing too soon and isn't getting good tension control
Posted by: phlan

Re: Tele bindings - 01/08/04 09:37 PM

Used to be Voile made the only ones but now I think BD is marketing something like this. Check with them? Maybe it's on their web site.
Posted by: MarcC

Re: Tele bindings - 01/08/04 11:23 PM

Suggest asking/searching at, a site loaded with hardcore equipment geeks.