Skiing Photos

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Skiing Photos - 01/25/04 07:04 AM

A few photos from the burrows trail on Camel's Hump.


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Re: Skiing Photos - 01/25/04 09:16 PM

That doesn't work - you can only attach one file at at time, so you can't attach an HTML page where the images are separate files.

Edited to add: oh, I see it actually is a link to your web server - but you need to change the file extension from .txt to .html so that it will render properly in a browser.
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Re: Skiing Photos - 01/26/04 02:01 AM

Cool video's. Looks like near perfect conditions!
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Re: Skiing Photos - 01/26/04 03:04 AM


Love the vid clips.
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Re: Skiing Photos - 01/27/04 02:55 PM

ok, not a vid clip (and not skiiing); photographer at Hunter Mountain snapped me catching a little air off a terrain park jump.
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Re: Skiing Photos - 01/29/04 05:15 AM

Well off the Woodward trail, east of Bolton ski area, VT.
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Re: Skiing Photos - 02/22/04 01:08 AM

A nice powder turn in the area of waterbury reservoir.