Mt Adams conditions

Posted by: andrew

Mt Adams conditions - 05/18/04 10:32 PM

Anyone skiied any of the Cascades volcanos recently? I'll be in Hood River for a week during memorial day, and i'd like to get a couple of descents in. Was thinking Mt St Helens if i can get a permit, and then Adams.

Any and all beta appreciated.
Posted by: zachres

Re: Mt Adams conditions - 05/21/04 06:40 PM

Check out

I'll be attempting to snowboard Rainier via the Fuhrer Finger, that weekend.

Posted by: andrew

Re: Mt Adams conditions - 05/21/04 10:55 PM

yeah, i found cascadeclimbers and sweet sites. have fun on the finger, and let me know how it goes - thats a goal for next year. i think this trip looks like a ski descent of adams south side - i'm going with my girlfriend who is not much of a mountaineer, though an excellent b/c skiier.

turns this weekend in the high uintahs!
Posted by: Cascade

Re: Mt Adams conditions - 06/17/04 07:24 PM

Excellent time for a ski on Adams. On St. Helens the snow is getting a bit thin but doable. We've had snow above 5,000 ft recently but this week it's pushing 80 deg in Seattle and 90 near Portland so it's going fast. If you have time for one go for Adams. You can bend around to the north a bit through some chutes for some fresh turns, and then catch the south side route further down. South side is very popular this time of year for volcano stompers and skiers.

Off to ski the Tatoosh Range this weekend across the valley from Rainer. Have fun.
Posted by: andrew

Re: Mt Adams conditions - 06/18/04 03:48 PM

my trip sucked over memorial day - it rained every single day. never even saw adams or hood.