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Snowboarding Gear - 11/20/05 04:01 PM

So... I'm hooked! I did one day last winter on the East Coast. That sucked. Yesterday at Keystone was freakin awesome! I have a season pass to Keystone, Breck and A-Basin and plan to go at least once a week for the rest of the season. So, some questions about gear:

Helmets: I'm sold on my need for one of these. Neurologists are my least favorite doctors and I don't want to be one of their patients. I can get Leedom helmets (the Vandal, Zen, and Heckler) for half-price. Anyone know if they are good lids?

Board: I can get a deal on a Monument Guide series board. It seems like it'd be a good beginner board, but I really have no idea. I know that I'll probably outgrow my first board after a season or two, so I really don't want to spend more than $200. (I can get the Guide for $150.)

Bindings: Anyone have/use Flux bindings? I can get their whole line at half-price. I was thinking about the Emblem.

Boots: I've got no ideas here. I'm willing to drop some cash on these though because happy feet are important, and I figure I can keep these for a few seasons.

Jacket: I am lusting after the Patagucci Puff Rider jacket.

Any and all input is appreciated. I'm hoping to get some of this as x-mas and b-day presents. I can probably afford to drop about $600 in total.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/20/05 05:29 PM

Helmets: I'm sold on my need for one of these.

Yet you're wearing one in your signature photo.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/20/05 09:01 PM

I never had any doubts about their use for climbing. But the last time I went skiing (about a decade ago) helmets were only worn by little kids. It hadn't really occurred to me to where one snowboarding until I saw that about half the people on the mountain wear them nowadays.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/20/05 09:41 PM

I have been skiing with a Leedom helmet for the last 10years.. I can't ski with out it.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/21/05 05:29 PM

yea i hjave been thinking more about getting a helmet for boarding, seems like a good idea and they can be alot warmer. can't comment on brand but rei usually has the giro's on sale

boards. i ride a palmer classic, and i really like it. its probably not a beginer board but i have no idea what that would entail. you are going to have to adjust to any board you get, it took me a good couple of times to get used to it and find my ideal setup.

i have burton synchro bindings, they are alright, sometimes its a pain in the ass to get the bindings to catch when strapping the board on. though if i were you i would definitely get the strap ons as opposed to step in, way easier to get on in powder.

i havea pair of burton boots, don't know the brand but they are ok. pretty warm, but slow to break in. wind up killing my big toe, but alot of new boots now have heat molded liners.

i would try to see if there is a ski/board show near you. we just went to one yesterday, and they had some ridiculous prices for everything.

i have a sessions jacket which is awesome. you are going to get warm in whatever you wear, you probably would want something that is more waterproof than not. look for a powder skirt in it. my jacket has a sleeve liner with thumb holes in it to keep stuff out of the cuffs.

other than that if you can wait, most deals will be found in the summer
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/28/05 08:57 PM

go rent a dozen boards before you buy.

think about shape and stiffness, not size or brand.

if you must buy now, buy the cheapest set up you can find. if you can wait till you've tried 5-10 different set ups, buy after new years when prices start to drop. Most shops that rent high end stuff will let you push a large part of your rental money towards a purchase.

Find out what resort you like the most. Ask if they need a volunteer ED nurse, as many resorts will swap a pass for a day or two a month. (ps, you ski while you're 'on area' at most places...)
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/29/05 12:00 AM

you can't really buy a bad helmet. as in most things, fit is important. i had to try on a half dozen helmets before i found one that is really comfy. now i feel kinda naked skiing without one.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 11/29/05 02:20 PM

I have a Salomon Definition board (156), Salomon bindings (not sure which; got the board and bindings pretty cheap from Sierra Trading post three seasons ago), Northwave boots (way, way better than my old Salomon boots), no helmet (yet; the most comfortable one I tried on was the old Giro Fuse, but I can't find it anymore).

For me, the boots are the most important thing - some boots that feel great when you're in the shop, will stretch and loosen up after a couple days' riding, resulting in that dreaded heel lift, which will ruin your riding experience quicker than anything. Strive to find the best fitting boots you can, no matter the cost. As for the board, know what kind of riding you're likely to do. If you plan to kick it up in the terrain parks, your needs are going to be slightly different than if you're just looking for a good freeride package. I have no complaints about my set-up for either. It performs as well for me in the halfpipe and on big air hits as it does in the moguls or a deep powder stash (it's not as if I'm cranking out crazy tricks in the pipe or on the jumps; I'm just looking for that sweet weightless feeling of big air!).
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/01/05 12:01 AM

Thanks for all the advice guys. I just got my Leedom helmet and K2 bindings (thanks Mike!) in the mail. I bought a pair of Solomon boots at REI about a week ago. The pair that fit me the best happened to be on sale for $150! Woohoo!

My board should be here in about a week. I basically got cheap bindings and a cheap board knowing I'm only going to use them for a season. I'll be posting at this time next year looking to sell them.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/01/05 01:46 PM

don't bother selling them. use them next year as your rock board, then donate around christmas time to some charity. (of course, take the board to the shop and get it tuned up first...)
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/02/05 04:55 AM

Yeah, I would always rather just give away old gear than sell it, but I sell the stuff if I don't know someone who can use it.

So... Today was freakin awesome! The conditions were unbelievably good and I finally clicked on the whole S-turn concept. Pushing turns in knee deep powder is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives!!!

Anyone know where to get more general info on snowboarding? I always like to be informed about the sports I participate in, but its been hard to find 'boarding info. I picked up snowboarding magazine and couldn't actually find any text in the whole damn thing. Every other page was an add. And web forums I've found make seem like downright intelligent and mature discourse.

It would seem that the focus is much more on looking cool than actually having fun and learning to ride. I have a lot of trouble imaginging myself in a studded belt with looks-like-jeans-goretex pants and a pink jacket. Right now I ride in Helly-Hansen full-zips and a Marmot soft-shell. Tre uncool!

But seriously, is there somewhere I could get info on technique and (non-apparel) equipment?
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/02/05 03:12 PM has some pretty cool stuff. They've got a lot of good "How To" info on there. There's some pretty cool little mini-movies of tricks in the "How To" section. Check it out.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/29/05 05:28 AM

Sorry I'm late to the discussion, I wasn't keeping an eye on this section.

Good choice on the helmet; I lost the edge on ice, slammed down on my back and cracked my head. I was dizzy the rest of the day. Said I'd better get a helmet, but put it off. Two weeks later I took a spill on a rail and glanced my head on the steel. Went helmet shopping after that. I lost an edge and went flying into the woods, caught my tail on a tree that sent me spinning, banged myself up pretty good and was thankful I was wearing a helmet.

I looked around for info on the web when I started, but didn't find much. A few forums and groups.

Demo days and shops are great, you can try out the latest boards and see how they feel. Wouldn't suggest it for at least another season though, since you're still learning to ride and you might not notice the differences between boards as well as you would with a few seasons riding under your belt.

I found talking to the guys at the shops really helpful. Well, some shops anyway. I have an old Burton BMC (that caught some air at 70mph after I forgot to lock my rack) and was looking for a replacement, but after talking with a few guys I bought a Jeenyus Kevin Jones. Completely different ride and I love it. I swap between the two depending on my mood (and my partners), but if I hadn't talked to them I probably would have spent twice as much on another Burton (which I probably would have liked as well but been a few benjamins poorer).

I like Burton soft goods because the warranty and durability. I've tried a few other brands, and they seem to wear out much quicker and lose their water repellency. Depends on what you do, if you're sitting around a lot waiting to drop in or watching your friends, or sliding down the pipe on your knees or your ass, durability and waterproofing make a huge difference. Maybe it's not as important on powder days, but being a east coast rider I wouldn't know...

As for technique, just ride. Ride with others better than yourself, ask them for advice. You'll probably spend the day trying to keep up, but then when you get a chance, work on what they've said. When I'm riding with those better than myself I watch and see how they do things. When I'm the best I ride at a slower pace to allow those following to keep up, so I practice my technique, and also watch them so I can give them tips. Guess you could take a lesson, but I don't know anyone who's taken more than a beginner's course.

Yeah, hang on to the old board, it's good to have a spare lying around. When people come visit me, they leave their board at home and just bring their boots and bindings. We're good enough we can ride each others boards and still have a great day... we're not good enough where we *need* our own boards. Easier than lugging a board around the airport.

Good luck!

Edited for a bad cut and paste.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/29/05 05:39 AM


As for technique, just ride. Ride with others better than yourself

Ditto. Single best piece of advice, ever. It will make a world of difference.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/30/05 03:47 AM

Thanks guys! I have been doing a fair bit of riding. Yesterday was my 10th day, and I look to be going a lot more frequently after the holidays are over and everyone has gone back home.

I feel totally confident going down just about any blue in powder or packed powder conditions. I'm less than confident on icy blues, but can still get down them. Next day I go up and the snow is good I'll try some blacks.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/30/05 04:36 AM

I tell people to stick with blues until they know they can stop at any speed on any conditions. You see a lot of beginners on blues who can coast to a stop moderate slopes, but on diamonds, when they don't complete a turn and start picking up speed, panic and take a fall. Or try to stop and end up veering off the edge of the trail into the trees. Make sure you can bomb a blue run and jam to a quick stop before venturing onto the diamonds... partly so you don't have to fall to stop, and also so you can stop to avoid those who've fallen in front of you.

Sounds like you're having a great season so far, don't push yourself too much, it's better to just get out and have a good time rather than get hurt. The diamonds will be there next month, and probably next year...
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/30/05 04:24 PM

hmm. i give the opposite advice from QtM: start with the hardest stuff you can find, and cool off on the easy stuff.

heh heh heh.

seriously, do try to remember that you turn on your front foot on ice.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/30/05 04:39 PM

haha! that was a very subtle way of saying "keep your newbie, sideways sliding, snow-clearing ass off the black diamonds where I ski, boy." haha!

Seriously though, I wish people would stick to slopes within their ability. It drives me nuts to see rank beginners crowding, falling and criss-crossing their way down black diamond mogul runs. But ah well, I guess they paid the same $$ I did, so who the hell am I? But I will not give up my pet peeve of the idiot adults who guide their beginner kids through the terrain park areas, RIGHT UNDER the big jumps, where you can't see them. I've seen more than a couple skiiers and boarders have to bail out of a big air landing to avoid creaming some 40-lb kid snowplowing his way across the landing zone. ARGHHH.

oh well, Happy New Year!
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 12/31/05 03:26 AM

I saw at least 4 people getting carted off the mountain today at Breck. It was amazing to see the people with less ability than I on stuff I wouldn't ride.

I actually don't have any problem with falling. I've come to accept it as part of the sport. Or I did anyway... I realized towards the end of the day today that I hadn't taken a fall all day (despite trying blue-blacks for the first time). I then started to ride pretty conservatively just to see if I could get through a day without eating it, and I did. Yay me!

On another note, you really haven't seen madness until you've skiied "4 o'clock" at Breck at 4 PM between x-mas and new year's.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/03/06 06:54 PM

dude, if yer not fallin', yer not ridin' hard enough!

Managed to get in a half day at Mt. Snow yesterday. It had reportedly been a pretty miserable week up there, because of all the rain that blew through early last week. But on New Year's Eve, they got 4-5 inches, and it was cold enough the latter half of the week to make snaux. The big, soft bumps that I pounded on Fall Line last weekend were gone, but the groomed surface was perfect. Hit that a few times until I found Chute open. They'd been blowing snaux on it for a while, and the new real snow hadn't been groomed. It was fantastic! The snow was a bit heavy, but deep and soft, and bumped up pretty good after an hour or so. I shredded my quads there the rest of the morning before heading home (and getting wacked by traffic! ugh; road work on I-91 near Deerfield, MA, had two lanes channeled into one, and it took me the better part of an hour of crawling to get through; then an accident near Enfield, CT, got me for another 20-25 minute delay). Oh well, it was worth it!

The last storm, and this one, are southerly affairs, with none of the snow reaching central and northern VT, so Mt Snow and Hunter look to be good bets today, tomorrow and this weekend. But the lake effect machine is supposed to kick up again mid-week, so hopefully Killington will benefit.

I'm thinking tomorrow might be a scki day . . .

P.S. - from what I read over on firsttracksonline, our Marc C got in a fat pow weekend at Alta.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/03/06 07:21 PM

I was up at Mt Snow this past weekend... Rained like a beast on Thursday. It got better as the weekend went on. Sunday was great. They got a bit more than 5. Not a bad little powder day.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/05/06 03:27 AM

dude, if yer not fallin', yer not ridin' hard enough!

Don't worry, I made up for it on my next day out (Monday). I started riding tree runs aggressively for the first time and got real up close and personal with one of our arboreal friends.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/05/06 04:59 AM


got real up close and personal with one of our arboreal friends.

hmm, sounds kinky.
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/05/06 02:17 PM

Scored my son some Vans board boots for 50% off at the local shop last night... they were doing inventory and welcomed the cash deal.... he's playing hooky today!
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Re: Snowboarding Gear - 01/05/06 03:52 PM

Had to buy a new board and bindings this week. Old bindings were breaking down, and I'd split my backside edge last year, which despite a good repair job, led to an approximately 10-inch split/delamination on my backside edge. I found this place for snowboarding gear, which rocks:

Great prices and huge selection, and really helpful staff (ask for Dave for technical questions).