Go Get It!

Posted by: cfrac

Go Get It! - 10/31/08 12:57 AM

Belleayre has over 2 feet of snow right now and it is POWDER!
It is really powder!
You have to hike for it but if you are able to go tomorrow (Friday), GO! go early, it will get soft soon! Lots of untracked left. I will post some video soon from today.
Posted by: cfrac

Re: Go Get It! - 10/31/08 01:26 AM

Here's the video from today...
Yes today! (Oct 30)
Belleayre Ski Video Oct 30
Posted by: The Lisa

Re: Go Get It! - 10/31/08 03:40 AM

You certainly went and got it! I am soooo jealous. October skiing, sweet!
Posted by: talus

Re: Go Get It! - 10/31/08 01:03 PM

Chris we should hit Gothics this year. was just up there and Gothics is iced over. soon!
Posted by: cfrac

Re: Go Get It! - 10/31/08 06:00 PM

Absolutely. I've wanted to ski true North for a while now. When it's ready let's go do it.
Posted by: talus

got it out west - 01/10/09 12:50 PM

on some real mountains

where the wind blows strong