Bennie's Root Canal

Posted by: Rickster

Bennie's Root Canal - 03/11/10 02:53 PM

After a snowshoe of the foot trail up Lower Wolf Jaw (Dacks), we stopped on the way back and skinned up Bennie's Brook to get some more turns on Bennie's Root Canal. Having never been on this slide before, we were surprised at the amount of traffic it has seen. The slide itself almost looks groomed edge to edge with ski tracks. The lower glades and gullies were marked by a myriad of ski tracks. Snow was deep enough to cover all but the very largest obstacles. We got there late as the snow was beginning to harden up again. We transitioned from one aspect to the other trying to stay in the corn. By the time we returned to the Garden via the South Side Trail the snow had firmed solid. The John's Brook crossing from South Side to Garden side is still in, but may not survive the rain and related thaw to come this weekend. Must be a great glade/slide combo in fresher conditions. RC
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Re: Bennie's Root Canal - 03/11/10 03:00 PM

fun slide to ski, one of the easier ones to get to.
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Re: Bennie's Root Canal - 03/12/10 12:23 PM

Sorry we didn't have time to climb higher to get the entire ride. We're hoping for the chance to head back soon. We saw a single set of tracks that looked as if they came out of one of the slides on Upper Wolf Jaw as well. With all the current concerns with avy threats, someone up there has been hitting the slides as the conditions improve. RC
Posted by: talus

Re: Bennie's Root Canal - 03/14/10 11:42 AM

Rick here are few photos of Bennies from 2 yrs ago.

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Re: Bennie's Root Canal - 03/15/10 10:27 PM

Yeh John, that's what I'm talking about. Except the conditions ranged from slush to crust and the tracks went from one side to other. After this rain event, I'm not sure it will be worth another trip this year. Next time. Thanks for sharing photos. RC
Posted by: pedestrian

Re: Bennie's Root Canal - 03/15/10 10:44 PM

This event stayed all snow in some high elevation places. I'm hoping the next storm (Friday/Saturday/Sunday?) holds off and we have a good weekend day up north. Still have some unskied objectives to tick off.