Tug Hill Plateau -

Posted by: december

Tug Hill Plateau - - 04/20/10 10:03 PM

does anyone know if this area holds snow into late spring?
I know it gets anomaly type snow...viva ny
Posted by: chip

Re: Tug Hill Plateau - - 04/20/10 11:36 PM

I've never skied there past Easter, but can't 'member if it was a late Easter year. My quess is that it won't be good but you can try to call the various county Chamber of Commerce offices for info about x-c ski trails, if that helps. I don't have any inside sources up there anymore.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Tug Hill Plateau - - 04/21/10 12:02 AM

I would think not. It gets big dumps thanks to the Lake, but it's not especially cold there. If there's a bright spot, it would be the snowmobiling. Sleds are king there and they pack the trails HARD. Which might allow an icy ribbon to survive into April.
Posted by: december

Re: Tug Hill Plateau - - 04/21/10 01:35 AM

ok,thanks for the help, chip and mike,I agree...one of "bigger" name resort in the area is closed, probably not worth energy this spring
looking foward to heading there next year...