Dec. Catskill Conditions

Posted by: Rickster

Dec. Catskill Conditions - 12/11/11 12:20 PM

I made opening day at Bellearye yesterday.

With the late start to the season, one would think they'd have all the quirks worked out. However, all but one computer went down, so all ticket sales went through one machine. It took 35 minutes for them to service the 23 people on line ahead of me.

Then once out on the one half of one trail (Onteora), they started releasing "small" groups of racers out onto the trail from the pre-season race clinics they were holding at the lodge. After a short while, the small groups of racers became a near constant stream of kids bombing down at speed, with their coaches chasing along yelling "slow down". This all made for a very crowded trail as folks picked their way down.

Snow surface was machine powder on one side of the rail, icy crust through the middle, and golfball sized chunks on the other side. But, all in all, the ski season has begun.

Nothing at all in the BC, but the ground is now freezing up, so we can expect the lake effect squalls to start accumulating till we get a real dumping.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Dec. Catskill Conditions - 12/11/13 11:09 PM

What a difference a few years make. Seems the transistion to an ORDA administration is working out pretty well at Bellearye.

The new snow guns have been going well, the cold weather has allowed them to open more mountain in their first two weeks, than any year I can remember.

Today was a first rate ski day with three inches of real snow up high and the guns going strong to open more terrain by the coming weekend.
Posted by: franky

Re: Dec. Catskill Conditions - 02/06/14 06:46 PM

so hows it looking in the catskills BC now?
Posted by: Lucander

Re: Dec. Catskill Conditions - 02/06/14 08:49 PM

Overlook is in prime shape, get on it before the weekend crowd makes the descent hazardous.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Dec. Catskill Conditions - 02/08/14 12:29 AM

I stopped in at Slide Mtn and Bisquit Brook trail heads today on my way back from Bellearye. Just like Belle, there is between 10" and 12" of consolidating snow over dirt or ice. Not much of a base at all. Of course, the higher elevations should have better snow cover, but once you lose that elevation, beware as there still is not much of base at all.

Dave's suggestion for Overlook could be the call as the route is a pretty uniform dirt road surface. He is also correct in that bare booters, sledders, trail runners and snow shoe folks will quickly ruin it for skiing.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Dec. Catskill Conditions - 03/09/14 06:22 PM

Found a nice glade along the south ridge of Ticeteneyck Mt just north of the Ashokan Res yesterday. Maybe one of the nicest glades I've found. Moderate angle, no underbrush, wide natural spacing through some great views of the southern Catskills and a end to end view of the res as well. Not a very long ski tour from the Peck Rd. tail head, but a fun half day with many lines through open woods. And, an ample serving of Catskill Corn.