While We Wait

Posted by: Rickster

While We Wait - 12/15/11 08:09 PM

While waiting for winter to arrive and the local BC to come in, enjoy this.
I visited Baffin in '78 to rock climb. There was a crew of four from Seattle there at the same time we were. They skied off on early 3-pin tele gear into the hinterlands, self contained and bagging summits and descents each day of their multi day BC tour. Surprisingly, all the summits and valleys they visited had frozen foot prints and ATV tire marks in the ice, snow, and frozen tundra illustrating how easily the Inuit travel around in their own backyard.
Skiers, enjoy the obvious, rock climbers, may drool over the HD detail of the big wall footage.cool
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Re: While We Wait - 12/22/11 01:30 AM

That was one of the best ski videos I have ever seen! Thanks for finding and posting that.

Yesterday our ski team spent the day at Belleayre for a scrimmage. Conditions on the limited terrain was actually quite good. Basically two runs open top to bottom. I wouldn't want to be fighting the Christmas crowds though with one lift!
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Re: While We Wait - 12/23/11 06:24 PM

That was an absolute gem and almost an antidote to the not-so-subtle oh-my-god-it's-December-and-there's-no-snow-yet syndrome.

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: While We Wait - 12/24/11 01:37 PM

My pleasure. Good stoke for the soul.

Closer to home, Hunter Mtn is famous for it's weekend chaos. However, yesterday was a very nice day of skiing. The sun never came out, so the temps hovered just about freezing with occasional flurries up high. Their famous snow guns have been busy and there was plenty of "snow" to cover the open trails. We never got bored, worked a few different aspects of the mountain, and even had some lonely runs with no crowds.

A good day at "Huntah". Still hopeful that we are not anchored to resorts for the season.

Please Santa, let it snow all over the BC. Merry Xmas all!