Catskill BC- 2012

Posted by: Rickster

Catskill BC- 2012 - 01/22/12 01:26 PM

Too much to bear waiting any longer, so with forecast expectations of 6"+ we three headed to Bear Den Mtn. The drive up was not too encouraging as we observed less snow along the RT 23 corridor than in my Pine Bush front yard.

From the car up for about half an hour the snow was just enough to keep us above the dirt. Then coverage on trail was fine.

Two snowmobiles had already headed up, and they passed us on their way back down in a short while, so we had some "groomed" conditions. Fortunately, they left us enough freshies on the shoulders to lay some tracks for one of the most continous ski descents in the Catskills.

Seems there is now a good base. However, it remains to be seen what happens over the next few days. The central Cats may very well have deeper conditions, but less uniform trail surfaces. Before we can begin safely hitting the glades or steeper terrain, we need a large deposit of snow.... soon. smile