bivy recommendations

Posted by: charliebutters

bivy recommendations - 01/26/04 02:56 AM

looking for a bivy for backpacking.
main concerns are ventilation, water resistance and price.
any recommendations?
thanks, charlie
Posted by: crackers

Re: bivy recommendations - 01/27/04 07:50 PM

i'm 6'5" tall, i am have been trying a buddy's integral designs bivy. it aint bad at all. I'd recommend checking them out.
Posted by: pitfall

Re: bivy recommendations - 01/28/04 01:22 PM

I was going to hold off on this since I have only used a couple of different bivys but the replies aren't exactly rolling in. I have an OR advanced bivy. Here's my thoughts on it:
Price: really high, probably too high
Ventilation: excellent, there are two poles which provide a couple of different options and keep the netting out of your face. the poles do not have to be used if you want to cut down on weight or if you are using it as an overbag.
Water resistance: Vinyl (I think) bottom, anf gore tex top, great.
Other factors: There isn't (or wasn't when I got mine) a zipper runnning down the side so you have to get in and out throught the top. This can be inconvenient until you get used to it.
It is very compact and light, but I suppose every bivy is.

Some additional thoughts on bivys:
They don't provide as much room as a lightweight tent will, ventilation will not be as good (generally), and they will be relatively expensive when compared to one.
I would recommend a bivy which has a way to keep the netting (which should be removable) out of your face when you sleep.
They can be used in cold weather to give you some additional warmth if your bag alone isn't sufficient. Also, if you have a down bag and are paranoid about getting it wet, the bivy will give you some peace of mind.
A friend has an REI bivy that has zips so you can get your arms out, this is a feature I was jealous of but you learn to make due.
A lightweight 2 man tent will have enough room for you and your gear if the weather gets bad, with a bivy you need to have someother way to keep it dry.
All this said, I am happy with the bivy I have but then again, I got it as a gift and didn't have to shell out the $230 (they're even more now) to buy it.
Posted by: irisharehere

Re: bivy recommendations - 01/28/04 02:07 PM

Not strictly a bivy, but Hilleberg tents make a 1-person, 4-season tent, the Akto. A little heavier than a bivy bag, comes in at 2lbs 12oz. A good bit pricier too - $345.

However, everyone I've ever talked to have raved about the build quality, and how the comfort of being able to stretch out, and having good ventilation, was worth the extra dollars, and the extra pound or so of weight.

I think I know what I want for my birthday......

Posted by: Chas

Re: bivy recommendations - 02/02/04 03:19 PM

Spent 6 days in a snow storm in my Bibler Bigwall at 17K ft. A bit clausterphobic but was always dry.
Posted by: charliebutters

Re: bivy recommendations - 02/02/04 09:37 PM

i think im leaning towards the rei bag, no pole to keep the netting off my face though i usually do climb deep into my bag.
$ 89. and water proof, poor boys solution.

thanks yall

Posted by: RangerRob

Re: bivy recommendations - 02/16/04 02:21 PM

I actually bought a North Face bivy from Chas and so far it's great. While my buddies have lugged around a monstrous Bibler bivy sack, I have been carrying this small, packable, lightweight jobber. A bivy sack should be just that....a sack for minimal bivying. If both you and your partner carry a bulky well ventilated bivy sack, then you may as well split a small tent, eh?

Posted by: Chas

Re: bivy recommendations - 11/04/05 09:50 PM

Good to hear that its worked out well for you RR......