Sporadic Care for Dog on Climbing Days

Posted by: Terrie

Sporadic Care for Dog on Climbing Days - 07/26/05 08:42 PM

I am looking for people who would be interested in having my dog, Teddy, stay at their house for "day care" while I am climbing in the Gunks. I don't have any definite dates yet, but may be up there in early to mid August for a trip of about 10 days. As well, there may be future dates where I might bring him up for the weekend. All depends on my work schedule.

This is not for 24 hour care/boarding. What I am thinking would be to drop him off at about 8:30am, and pick him up in the evening, about sunset, or later if we decide to go out to dinner in town. We would of course be in agreement on actual times for drop off pick up, but it will not always be the same each day. Also, there may be some days that we decide to take the dog along with us, when we are able to attend to him. Not only is it "wrong" to leave some dogs unattended at the cliff base.....mine would simply not stand for it! You would hear him barking over the Harleys, no doubt....... Those days would not get necessarily decided beforehand; but would be more of the "rest-type" day, top roping at PK, or a rainy day where we couldn't climb, and would be decided fairly last minute, perhaps the night before.

We will be camping in the area and will have him with us overnight every night.

He would have his breakfast and "constitutional" before being dropped off, and so the outdoor exercise required would be a mid day walk, on leash, not just simply let out the into the back yard. He's a city dog, and not used to unsupervised outings. We would do the evening pooh run when we picked him up.

He would need to be kept indoors, but he is able to make himself comfortable after an inital getting to know you, and does not need constant attention. He'd probably follow you around the house while you puttered, and take naps, and if you sat on the couch, he'd probably want to come sit next to you.

He probably shouldn't be in a home with cats, as he is a Terrier, and thinks cats are toys. A cat with claws can fend for themselves, but as I said - he's a Terrier. This means he will just not take the hint, and will probably follow the poor cat around and bark at it.

He is good with other dogs. He loves humans.

He is smart - a Poodle/JRT mix, 5 1/2 years old and neutered. He knows the difference between "indoors" and outdoors" with regards to potty/poo. The only time he's even had accidents at my home has been if he got diarhea while ill. He's stayed with friends while I have travelled and they have said he's a delight. He's had people stay at his home while I went climbing for day/weekend trips too. I can provide their contact information for your reference.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, please send me a PM or email to happiegrrrl@aol.com, with any questions you might have, and let me know what history you have with dog care. I have not yet figured what I think is the right fee for such a service, but I if you have an idea what you think would be a fair price, please do include it in your email.

Note - I am NOT looking for a kennel or professional boarding facility, and will not consider them, to be frank. I am looking for someone who will enjoy having a dog stay with them for a bit, and treat him with respect and kindness, who could use a little extra cash.

Thank you!