The best deal in education!

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The best deal in education! - 12/07/05 09:37 PM

I've been working in this town for over 5 years now, and I learn just recently that it's possible for unmatriculated students to take classes as SUNY New Paltz. So since I've been planning on taking a trip to Japan next year, I decided to try to get into a 1st year Japanese language class. I audited the class for, get this, $50. It was great! Granted, the class was in the middle of the workday, but it was excellent (Sugoi for those of you who understand Nihongo).

I must say, it was a blast being back in school with students half my age. I don't think when I was in college people drank as much Starbucks as students do nowadays. They seem universally jittery to me. Did I just use the word "nowadays" in a sentence? Oh shit, I must really be old.

Anyway, I'm signed up for another semester of Japanese for the Spring, and considering Chinese or Arabic for the Fall. It's a fantastic resource if you're able to take advantage of it. If you're interested, here's a link to the course catalog. SUNY New Paltz Spring 2006

Anybody else out there taken a course there??