Teddy/Terrie Rides on Fridays - Paid Gig

Posted by: TerrieM

Teddy/Terrie Rides on Fridays - Paid Gig - 07/01/09 02:53 PM

The person who has been giving me rides from the Poughkeepsie train station to Camp Slime each week has a conflicting job now and I am looking for a reliable person who can take it on. Here's the deal:

I come up most weekends on Friday afternoons, arriving between 5-6pm(can be flexible earlier and later, to some extent) and need someone to pick us up, do a quick stop at a gas station for water and then on to Camp Slime.

I use the Metro North train to Poughkeepsie, because they allow dogs.

Besides me and Teddy(small white terrier), I have a backpack, a large duffel bag, a soft dog carrier and sometimes a little cooler. So, while a bus is not needed, some space in your vehicle for all this crap is. A regular compact car works, so long as the backseat or trunk isn't filled up.

It MIGHT also be Sundays in the late afternoon/evening(can be flexible with p/u at Slime any time after about 4pm). The person I was using is still available for Sundays, but maybe she will prefer not to do it if I have someone else interested.

I've been paying this person, and of course will pay you. Interested people should sent me a PM with any questions, and if they have an idea on the price(for the Friday and also if it's both Friday/Sunday), to let me know that too.

There will be SOME weeks I can't come up in the near future, due to work conflict - grrrrr.... But usually it's most every weekend in season, from late March through mid November.

I am truly in need here - so please help me with getting the word out. If you know someone who might be interested, have them call!
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: Teddy/Terrie Rides on Fridays - Paid Gig - 07/01/09 06:15 PM

Hmmmm....It has occurred to me that my assistant can do the one dog walk I have on Fridays, allowing me to head up earlier in the day.... I haven't checked the train schedule yet, but think an arrival around noon in Poughkeepsie will allow me to avoid the morning rush in Grand Central(and, conveniently give a some time to climb on Friday afternoons!).

So - the Friday pick up can actually be much earlier than mentioned above - about noontime.