An Opportunity to do ElderCare

Posted by: TerrieM

An Opportunity to do ElderCare - 04/25/11 05:18 PM

I have a friend who is looking for someone to do elder care for an aging relative, in New York City.

He contacted me yesterday, wondering if I would be available to consider it, but unfortunately, I cannot commit to it. I don't have a LOT of information, but would be happy to answer what questions I can, and forward your contact info to my friend for more discussion.

What I DO know is that this person will be very selective in the person he considers to aid his relative, as should be the case. He also wants to v=be able to make some sort of connection as to whom he is speaking with, and not just a random stranger. He's hesitant of going through an agency for just this reason. So, if you know someone who might be interested, please be able to refer them personally and not just sort of like someone you were talking to in line at the grocery...

The job would be available quickly, and is a live-in situation on a high rise apartment near the Dakota on the Upper West Side. The person in need is actually in her mid 90's and was very independent and healthy until just recently. My friend is distraught at the change that has occurred seemingly overnight, but I don't really have much more an idea - perhaps it was a stroke. He lives in another region of the US, and came out to help her as she was in hospital, but is not in a position to handle her care directly.

So -

If you or someone you know WELL might be available and interested, please send me a PM with any questions you might have, as well as some information about yourself that I can forward to my friend. Include phone/email contact info, and I will forward to my friend. It goes without saying that the candidates for consideration will need to have references which can easily be verified, and it's extremely likely a background check will be performed.

Thanks for reading the post, and if you can take a moment and send good wishes to "RO's Aunt" for hope and strength that would be nice, too.
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Re: An Opportunity to do ElderCare - 04/25/11 08:13 PM

Definitely do a background check and get someone bonded since they will be living in the home and have access to property.
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Re: An Opportunity to do ElderCare - 04/28/11 10:14 PM

I am fairly certain this person will cover all bases.